Restoration of some Adult Dental Service in 2014

by Terry Richards

At-a-glance California Adult Dental Services under Denti-Cal 2014 will, among other things, include Oral Examinations, Root Canals, Crowns, and Dentures for low-income and disabled Adults…

Beginning May 1, 2014 certain adult dental benefits will be restored in accordance with Assembly Bill 82 (AB 82). The restored services are listed below, with full descriptions of these procedures found in Section 5 “Manual of Criteria and Schedule of Maximum Allowances” of the Provider Handbook.Note: These services are not a benefit for beneficiaries 21 and over until the May 1, 2014 implementation date.


Reminder!!! Restoration of Denti-Cal Free or Very Low-Cost Adult Dental Services for California Residents started May 01, 2014 2014…

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Governor Brown Signs 2013-2014 State Budget and Medi-Cal Expansion

On June 27th, 2013 Governor Jerry Brown signed the $96.3 billion California state budget for 2013-14. Unlike the two previous budget proposals that he put forward in January and May this budget will include restorations to several programs that will help improve the lives of some of California’s most vulnerable residents. This budget is the first small step on a roadmap to restore California to The Golden State.

With the additional revenues in the state coffers, community members and advocates demanded that restorations to health and human services programs be on the table. The unrelenting drum beat of Restore, Rebuild and Reinvest, caught on and legislative champions including: Speaker John Perez, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell held strong in their fight to begin sewing the state safety net back together. The Governor signed a budget that included partial restorations to adult dental care, child care, CalWORKs, and mental health. Click onto link for full-story.