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If Freedom doesn’t ring for Veterans, then for whom shall it ring?

Veterans For Obama News Conference 2012

 Veterans Rights Advocate since 1990

26-years – 10,000 + hours – $10,000 + of my own money as a Nationally Recognized Veterans Rights Advocate and 19-years as a Veterans Affairs Journalist:

  • Writing letters to VA Medical Directors on behalf of Veterans who were not being given proper medical attention or care.
  • Directly and indirectly helping homeless and otherwise financially disadvantaged Veterans apply for HUD Permanent Housing for Veterans or VA Temporary Housing Programs.
  • Representing Disabled Veterans or their Disabled Family Members at Paratransit Transportation Hearings after they were denied service.
  • Finding Veterans jobs.
  • Conducting Fundraisers and Recruiting Corporate Sponsors to help homeless Veterans.
  • Writing over 200 + informational articles on VA Benefits, VA Misconduct, the plight of homeless Veterans, and other articles of interest to Veterans and Members of their Families,
  • Researching on the Internet and Law Libraries 38 United States CodeVeterans Benefits and Pensions, Social Security Laws, and other Laws and “Case Law” to write Briefs for Veterans for their Service-Connected Disability Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance Claims.


The Mission of Veterans News Service Los Angeles and Columnist Terry Richards is to provide Veterans and their families an array of information on Veterans Affairs that is not ordinarily found on other Veterans sites on the Internet, especially information about VA Misconduct, and certain Claims and Benefits that the VA does not widely advertise nor really want Veterans and their Family Members to know about.

A further mission of  Veterans News Service Los Angeles and Columnist Terry Richards will be to write and post  articles with information about things of interest in the Greater Los Angeles area to Veterans and Members of their Family living in public or private housing or who may be homeless in the Greater Los Angeles area including but not limited to:

1. “Stand-downs”, VA and VA Funded Grant Per Diem Homeless Programs which including Transitional Housing,  HUD-VASH (VA Supported Housing) Voucher availability and other affordable housing availability and locations.

2. Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Foods.

3. Free food, free furniture, free security deposits for housing.

4. Federal Tort Claims and a list of Federal Tort Claim Attorneys to sue the VA for Damages due to Negligence and Malpractice at VA Medical Centers by VA Employees or Agents for such Wrongful Actions and Omissions occurring in VA Hospitals, VA Domiciliaries, VA Nursing Homes and VA Grant Per Diems, including but not limited to Physical and Emotional Patient Abuse, and mistakes made during surgery and in the administration of medications which causes a Veteran-Patient pain and suffering and mental anguish or Wrongful Death.

5. Businesses that offer Discounts to Veterans.

6. Holiday Celebrations for Veterans and their Families…


Terry Richards


Veterans News Service Los Angeles

Terry Richards

PREFACE:  One can pay a great emotional price when in retaliation for exposing Misconduct and other Wrongful Actions and Omissions by the Government, Non-Profits, Private Companies or Individuals or for taking sides with a particular Political Party or Viewpoint the opposing Parties fabricate lies or twist the truth about the person who exposed them in an effort to discredit that person. However, that’s a price worth paying if it reveals the truth, or gets the job done, or corrects the injustice against Veterans or others who have no voice. This is the price I have had to pay. For those who think there retaliation will stop me from continuing what I do, think again, because it won’t stop me. And know this, retaliation and threats encourage me rather than discourage me from taking further action or to further investigate for further wrongdoings.

Those of you who know me know how much time, effort and money I have put into all my Advocacy efforts, and that I am The Go-To-Guy for information and how to get things done on just about anything.

 I am Vietnam Era Veteran who served in the U.S. Army from 1968 to 1970 and received a fully Honorable Discharge and the “Good Conduct Medal”.

Why Terry Richards DEDICATED His Life to Helping Homeless and Disabled Veterans.

Serving Veterans and the VA

My latest 3-minute Public Service Message

Terry Richards Veterans Life Video recorded for the Library of Congress through the Veterans Life Video National High School Project…
Terry has been an active non-compensated Veterans Rights Advocate since 1990. And in addition to writing and publishing informational articles and articles exposing VA misconduct, Terry has assisted Veterans with their VA and Social Security Disability claims, written letters to VA Medical Directors on behalf of Veterans who were not being given proper medical attention or care, and directly and indirectly helped homeless and otherwise financially disadvantaged Veterans apply and receive all the Benefits to which they are entitled, as well as to help them find housing and jobs.

Terry is also the former Managing Editor of the Veterans Free Press Internet Newspaper (1998-2001 –“archived”), and Columnist, copyrighter, and Publisher of Veterans Corner by Terry Richards an ongoing Published Column since 1997 both on and off the Internet which has been Archived since Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, and the Inaugural of his New Blog Veterans News Service Los Angeles

*Archived VETERANS FREE PRESS by Terry Richards, Former Managing Editor, 1998-2001.

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Below is information and links to just some of Terry Richards’ Post-Military Veterans’ Rights Advocacy.

Terry is also an Investigative Journalist, Columnist, and a Veterans Charities and Americans with Disabilities Compliance Watchdog, and Expert Consultant on Veteran Homelessness.

Terry is also a “strict Constitutionalist” of the U.S. Constitution and believes that not only does the American Press have the absolute Right to exercise their Viewpoints and Opinions, but any person living or even just visiting the United States regardless of whether they are a Citizen or not have the Right to express their Viewpoints and Opinions without Censorship.  Terry also believes that even if their Viewpoints or Opinions were offensive to him and others, and it became necessary to ensure those people’s Rights to exercise their Viewpoints and Opinions because the Government or others tried to Censor them, Terry would peaceably demonstrate on their behalf for those Rights, because Terry believes that “YOU EITHER HAVE A FREE COUNTRY OR YOU DON’T, AND THAT YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS”…


Terry Richards’ Credentials as a Journalist and Veterans Rights Advocate

Jim Belushi interview at the 20th Annual Veterans Holiday Celebration in West Los Angeles December 02, 2012 of which was Belushi's 16th year of Volunteering to entertain Veterans and their Families with his "Sacred Hearts Band". Veterans News Service Los Angeles' Columnist Terry Richards was the only News Media to gain access for an interview with Belushi.

Jim Belushi interview at the 20th Annual Veterans Holiday Celebration in West Los Angeles December 02, 2012 of which was Belushi’s 16th year of Volunteering to entertain Veterans and their Families with his “Sacred Hearts Band”. Veterans News Service Los Angeles’ Columnist Terry Richards was the only News Media to gain access for an interview with Belushi.

___________________________________________*News Media stories & Letters about Veterans Rights Advocate Terry Richards


*An initial VA Misconduct investigation by Veterans Rights Advocate Terry Richards prompts Investigative Reporter Noah Pransky of Tampa Bays’ 10-News to seek further investigation. There are 3-related stories. Click  here to read first full investigative report and to view video. 2nd related story:


Veterans’ benefits in limbo after 10 News Investigators uncover another mistake


Backup link to VA Mistake 3rd related story:


*The Lorraine Noddin Story:


*Archived “VETERANS FREE PRESS” Terry Richards, Former Managing Editor, 1998-2001. After clicking onto link hit the “IMPATIENT BUTTON” to access the Archived Website quicker.


 • MILITARY SERVICE – While in the Service Terry took Basic Training and AIT Military Police School at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and was assigned the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 95B – Military Policeman… Terry’s first tour of duty was with the Berlin Brigade in West Berlin, Germany for 15-months assigned to the 287th Military Police Company where he worked patrol and at the famous Checkpoint “Charlie,” and then later at the less famous Checkpoint “Alpha” in Helmstedt, West Germany as a Military Police Desk Sergeant E-5 which Terry was Awarded after only 16-months of Service… Although Terry had Orders to be re-assigned to Vietnam in October of 1969, when Terry reported to Ft. Lewis Washington because they needed an MP Desk Sergeant with a Secret Clearance, Terry was diverted to the 4th Missile Command’s “Camp Page” in Chunchon, Korea for 13-months where he worked as a Military Police Desk Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant. In November of 1970, Terry was Honorably Discharged from Service and also awarded the “Good-Conduct Medal.” Terry’s Rank at Discharge was Sergeant E-5.

MILITARY COMMENDATIONS: In 1970, while stationed at the above captioned Camp Page, Chunchon, Korea, myself and my partner Sergeant Ronald Hulsey of Bakersfield, California, received Commendations for rescuing a homeless and orphaned 10-year old Korean girl named Sung Hee from living in a garbage dump infested with lice and rats in the while on routine patrol of the city, and then finding her temporary housing at a nearby Catholic Convent. I then persuaded an American couple I knew, Mark and Evelyn Sterner from Santa Monica, California who were civilians living in the city to adopt Sung Hee and take her back to America to live. They in fact did adopt her and took back to the U.S. I last spoke to Sung Hee in 1976 at which time she was living in the Los Angeles area.  However, in late 2010, I did in fact contact Mark Sterner who sadly, advised me that Sung Hee was now living in Connecticut and working at one of the Indian Reservation Casinos but was no longer in touch with her due to personal family business matters.

VACATION TRAVEL WHILE IN THE MILITARY: While stationed in Germany I took Leaves and traveled to England, Holland, Belgium, France, Monaco, Spain, and Denmark… And while stationed in Korea, I took Leave to travel to Japan for “Expo 70”.

CIVILIAN JOBS: Terry went back to college on the G.I. Bill and also worked part-time as a taxi driver, bell hop, and during a break from College as a room service waiter for 6-months at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, and then as Airport Security under the auspices of the U.S. Customs Skyjack Program for Police Science Students in 1973. Although Terry was offered a full-time position with U.S. Customs he respectfully declined as he preferred working in the private sector…

Then in 1973 Terry earned his Associate of Arts Degree from Miami-Dade Community College.

In 1974 Terry was hired by National Airlines as a Reservations Sales Agent in their Miami office… Then after a couple of years Terry was one of 5-Agents who were appointed as System-Wide Sales and Service Training Supervisors to Train new Sales Agents from time to time. Terry also spent six-months in Los Angeles working for National during that period. And on his vacations flew virtually free to foreign and Domestic resort destinations such as Australia, Belize, Guatemala, Hawaii, and Israel…

In 1979, Terry left National Airlines to open Airline Travel Schools of America, a Licensed Private Vocational School for Travel and Tourism Training headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which Terry operated as co-owner, Director , and as a student instructor for 3 years. The School offered job placement assistance with airlines, travel agencies and cruise lines to graduating students. After bad publicity from Airlines going out of business and furloughs of its employees, and Terry getting divorced, Terry closed the school in 1982 and accepted a job offer from a long-time family friend for a sales position and eventually a sales management position with other companies in the home improvement business in Columbus, Ohio where he relocated until March of 1997. During this same period in Ohio Terry also worked part-time as a Licensed Ohio Real Estate Sales Agent; purchased, managed and sold several rental properties of his own; and was also an Options Market “Day-Trader” and a Telemarketing Manager for a Mortgage Company… Also during this period Terry spent one winter in Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and had a vacation apartment on the 26th floor of the well-known La Cite’ apartments in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada…

Then in March of 1997 after spending 15-years in Columbus, Ohio, Terry relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where he worked part-time mostly for temporary employment agencies and also where Terry started the Veterans Free Press Internet Newspaper in February of 1998 of which Terry was the Managing Editor. Terry lived in St. Petersburg until March of 2012.

In March of 2012, after spending 15-years in St. Petersburg, Florida, Terry relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a belated Voice-Over and Radio Broadcasting career for which Terry was offered in the 1980’s but declined because he was already doing extremely well financially. Terry says he loves Los Angeles. because there’s so much going on there, especially in the Entertainment field which Terry is pursuing. Terry, whose Family is from Brooklyn, New York says it’s like New York City except larger and warmer. And like New York, it also has great alternative transportation including buses and trains which run 24/7 and very often… Terry says he will more likely than not make Los Angeles his home for the rest of his life…

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