by Terry Richards

First of all, New Evidence presented and verified by me reveals Republican Members of Congress wanted to steal Veterans Land as early as 1986 and continued that pursuit as late as 2012!!!

Secondly, also based on new evidence presented to me by Congressman Henry Waxman of  Los Angeles, all articles written by me expressing or implying that Waxman was a conspirator and participant in scheming to steal Veterans Land for his own personal profit in connection with the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center leasing of land to private enterprise, as well as any derogatory allegations that he does not care about and/or does not endeavor to help Homeless Veterans and other Veterans is hereby RETRACTED IN FULL.

Additionally, the basis for my above several stories mostly written why I still lived in Florida was based on the Civil and Criminal Evidence presented to me by Bob Rosebrock another Veterans Advocate who lives in Los Angeles. This Evidence presented to me by Rosebrock at the time appeared Plausible.

Rosebrock also wrote many stories which alleged Waxman was involved in said criminal activity and also that Democrats in General did not care about helping homeless Veterans… The same said Evidence presented to me proves that in fact the selling-off of the West Los Angeles VA Property to Commercial Enterprises started with President Regan’s Republican Administration and Republican Members of Congress in 1986 and has continued all the way to 2012 with Republicans wanting to completely sell-off all 388 remaining acres of the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center…


Because I wanted to publish this Retraction as soon as possible once finding out about it, I am publishing it without the documents that were presented to me. However, those documents and more will be presented and published in this story as soon as possible.

Having said all of the above in favor of Congressman Waxman, I would like to see, among other things, the Congressman more clearly and publicly define and publish his compassion for Veterans, especially the homeless Veterans dilemma here in Los Angeles.