by Terry Richards


LOS ANGELES – The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) decision for whatever reason that Veterans would be better served and money saved if it outsourced their HUD-VASH Housing Voucher Program to one well-known Nonprofit in the Los Angeles area has backfired after they exclusively awarded People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) the contract to issue the 940 HUD-VASH Housing Vouchers that were made available to Los Angeles County October 01, 2012.
However, in an exclusive e-mail interview with Jeremy Seidel, Communications etc for PATH, Seidel told me that they were geared up and ready to issue those voucher to homeless Veterans but several other Nonprofits in the area wanted “a piece of the action” because of financial rewards that go along with this contract, and so they filed a Complaint with the General Services Administration (GSA) in Washington, D.C., asking that they too get part of that contract. Seidel also advised me that it won’t be until at least January of 2013 before GSA makes a decision on the entire matter.
So instead of the VA continuing to process these housing vouchers as they had been until the dispute was settled by the GSA in order to provide homeless Veterans with permanent housing, the VA did nothing!!! So now 940 homeless Veterans who either live on the street and in VA transitional housing must suffer because of the disputing Nonprofits’ greedy actions to get a “piece of the action”, and because of the VA’s inactions!!! The VA and America can do better than this for its Veterans…


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