Many Charities a Cause for Misgivings – Veterans News Service Los Angeles Holiday Gift givers Guide

DO NOT DONATE to Charities that give back less than 60% of their Donations to their programs. Read full story to find out why?

by Terry RichardsPHONYVC1

This is Veterans News Service Los Angeles Gift Giver’s Guide to All Charities in California. Just simply click onto the link below and enter the name of the Charity and the City it is located if you know it.             

*Keep in mind that New 501 (c) (3) Tax-Exempt Charities may not yet have filed their Annual IRS and State of California Required Reports showing how much of their Donations have gone-back to their Mission Programs. 

Be sure to scrutinize their IRS form 990 where the Donations are going but keep in mind they can still cook-the-books!!!

Also keep in mind that some Charities Violate IRS and State Laws and purposely do not file these required reports because they do not want potential Donors to see where the Donations are going. However, they should be at least Registered as a Tax-Exempt Charity with the State.



Click onto this Link to see TV News Video on how Columnist/Veterans Advocate Terry Richards got the Investigation started in 2011
From 10-News December 19, 2012 – State and IRS bust major National Veterans Charity (with help from Columnist/Veterans Advocate Terry Richards).

More than 63-million Americans make Charitable donations freely each year to Non-Profit IRS fakeveteranscharityohioagTax Exempt Charities and other Organizations not knowing exactly what percent of their Donations actually goes-back to the Programs to which they donated. 

Unfortunately, and sadly, “In the Name of Helping Veterans”, and the big heart and generosity that Americans have to help America’s homeless and/or otherwise financially disadvantaged Veterans, there are many “Phony Veterans Charities” started to take advantage of Americans’ big hearts and generosity.CHARITIES PHONYHVUSA

So this article will be an ongoing series of stories which I first started when I lived in Florida, whennavyvetscam myself and other News Media Investigative Reporters I know investigated what I call “Phony Veterans  Charities.”

But now that this Author lives in Los Angeles, California, I will reporting mostly on Veterans Charities whom are registered in CaliforniaCHARITIES PHONYBOBBY THOMPSON regardless of whether they are a local, regional, or a national Non-CHARITIES PHONYDAVProfit Veterans Charity. I will also be reporting on unregistered Veterans Charities who are soliciting for Donations…

This Author’s definition of a “Phony Veterans Charity” is one that is started for or later becomes a Charity for the sole purpose of  creating Personal Financial Gains and Wealth for its Founders, Officers, or other Employees or Agents, and includes but is not limited to an IRS 501 (c)(3) TAX-EXEMPT NON-PROFIT CHARITY.

Set forth below in TV News Videos and Newspaper stories are just a few of the Veterans PHONYVC4Charities which I feel there is a Cause for Misgivings based mostly on: What is the percentage of Administrative Expenses vs. Program Expenses. What this basically means is how much of the private consumer donations and/or funds they received from the Government actually went to helping homeless and/or Disabled Veterans or to whatever their Veteran Program Mission states, and how much went to Administrative Expenses such as for Salaries of Officers and other employees, and Founder’s Pensions, among other Administrative costs.

Furthermore, if a Veterans Charity or other Non-Profit receives funds in whole or in part directly or indirectly from the FederalPHONYVC2 Government, the Federal Government requires that their Administrative Expenses not exceed 50% of their total Assets if they want to continue to receive funds from them.

However, several of the well-respected Philanthropic Societies have published that Non-Profit Charities should not have more than 35-40% Administrative Costs, thereby, “giving- back” at least 60% – 65% to their Program Mission.

Unfortunately, Congress has not yet passed a Law which makes it unlawful for a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Charity to give-back any specific percentage to their Programs and the people they intended to help. So these Non-Profits can give-back only 1% or 8% or 16%, etc., of their total donations to their Programs and keep the rest for themselves in Administrative and Fundraising Expenses like Salaries to the Executive Director and other Employees and Telemarketers and others who do the Fundraising, and it’s perfectly legal.

However, there is one IRS Rule that can get Tax-Exempt Non-Profits Audited as well as Criminal charges filed against them, and that is when they tell you they give-back 100% to Programs and they and they actually give-back much, much less than that. In the case below about Florida Veterans Assistance Association, in 2004 they told me they gave 100% but on their State of Florida Financial Report it showed they only gave-back 8% to Programs.

Moreover, the vast majority of Attorney Generals over the last 7-years or so have agreed that if a Non-Profit Charity gives-back less than 40% to its Program Mission that they should be investigated for Charity Fraud.

Therefore, in future stories, I will be providing you the Consumer with the IRS 990 forms Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Charities are required to file each year with the IRS and the State of California Attorney Generals Office, as well as other informative Reports about many of the local, regional, and national Veterans Charities registered in the Greater Los Angeles area which will let you the Consumer and potential Donor decide whether or not you wish to make a Donation to that Charity after being provided with that information.

In addition to being a Veterans Rights Advocate for 21-years, I have also been a Veterans Charity Watchdog, and as you will read in a front-page Sunday Tampa Tribune Newspaper story I inspired, and a TV News Investigation I promulgated about “Phony Veterans Charities,” there is much “Cause for Misgivings” in Donating to many Veterans Charities.

As an example, below is Florida Veteran Assistance Association who only gives back 19% or 20% of its Donations it received to Veterans Programs because they spent 72% on Fund-Raising Expenses and 9% in Administrative Costs which = 81%.  Basically, the people who run this Charity and their employees benefit from the 72% in Fund-Raising Expenses they declare on their IRS FORM 990 TAX-EXEMPT CHARITY RETURN they must file with the IRS each year as well as in the States they Solicit Charitable Donations. Florida Veteran Assistance Association and other Veterans Charities like them want you to believe that they had no choice but to spend 72% of your Donations on Fund-Raising Expenses so that when you look at their Administrative Expenses of only 9% it looks like they gave-back 91% of your Donations.  These Charities once were able to combine the Fund-Raising and Administrative Expenses together so you would not know exactly how they spent Donations.

However, a new IRS Rule requires Charities to list their Fund-Raising Expenses and then other Administrative Expenses separately so Consumers can see exactly how these Charities spent their Donations. Although I have provided a pasted copy for readers to view, to see the actual Official State of Florida Report on Florida Veteran Assistance Association,  just click onto the link below from the Florida Department of Consumer Services Gift Givers and then enter their name in the Business Name Box provided.

This Author  first met-up with Florida Veterans Assistance Association in 2004 while at a Laundromat one of their employees gave me a business card. Then a few weeks later I got a call from her asking me if I wanted to make a cash donation.  After asking how, where, and how much the of the donations went to helping Veterans, when she said “100%” that answer sounded suspicious. So I then asked her if you and the people soliciting get paid.  Her answer was “no, we are all volunteers.” Then after that I advised her that I was a Veterans Rights Advocate and that I would like to volunteer she said “we do not need any right now” That’s when I knew in my mind they were a Phony Veterans Charity.  So I called Jackie Callaway at ABC Action News, and it took her quite a few months to get back to me but she eventually did, and the results of Callaway’s and further investigations made by ABC Action News are set forth below.

After you have viewed their IRS Report for 2010, click on to the next links below to view a TV Investigative News Report on Florida Veteran Assistance Association how this Author helped ”bust them” in 2004 *Phony Veterans Charity Story by ABC ACTION NEWS Inspired by Veterans Rights Advocate Terry Richards So-Called Veterans Charity[2]; and how they were BUSTED AGAIN veterans charity admits misleading donors; Yop! Mentioned once again in *“CAUSE FOR MISGIVINGS Tampa Tribune front page story Sunday, October 08, 2006 Inspired by this Author. Tampa Trib Oct 08, 2006 with names of charities[1]

Florida Veterans Assistance Association, Inc., Tampa, FL Print
Registration Number :CH6948 Expiration Date : 7/15/2012
Revenue Source : 08 – IRS 990 w/ Sch.A (12/31/2010)
Total Revenue : $455,603.00 Program Services Expenses : $88,821.00  20%
Total Expenses : $452,745.00 Administrative Expenses : $39,450.00  9%
Surplus/Deficit : $2,858.00 Fund-Raising Expenses : $324,474.00  72%
Statement Of Purpose
I first met-up with Veterans Support Organization about 2-years ago at a Wal-Mart during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays and after observing a box with a small lock for donation, totally unlike the Salvation Army’s locked metal donation cans, i just took one of their booklets and then I went sat down on a bench out of sight of the solicitors. Then I heard one of the solicitors say:
“As soon as we get enough money we will get a Motel room.”
Then not too long after that I met-up with them again at Tyrone Mall.  Their solicitors were wearing Camouflaged Fatigues endeavoring to portray to potential donors that they were Active-Duty Members of the U.S. Armed Forces. None of them were of course, and some or none were even Veterans I found out later. When I asked one solicitor how much they gave-back to their Programs that helped Veterans he advised it was 70%. but when I check with the State of Florida Gift giver’s Guide it was more like 50% or so, I cannot remember the exact amount.
Set forth below is an Investigative Report by 10-News Investigative Reporter Noah Pransky revealing that VSO’s last financial report showing they gave-back 61% to their Programs is more like 6.6%.
10 News Investigators: Veterans Support Organization (VSO) not helping many veterans
Veterans Support Organization, The, Warwick, RI Print
Also Soliciting as
The Veterans Support Thrift Store The Vso Magazine Veterans New Life Haven
Registration Number :CH19372 Expiration Date : 11/8/2011
Revenue Source : 08 – IRS 990 w/ Sch.A (09/30/2009)
Total Revenue : $2,579,603.00 Program Services Expenses : $1,473,310.00  61%
Total Expenses : $2,400,848.00 Administrative Expenses : $829,138.00  35%
Surplus/Deficit : $178,755.00 Fund-Raising Expenses : $98,400.00  4%
Your Money: Honor veterans by helping legitimate charities