Reporter, Veterans Advocate change the way VA does Business

by Terry Richards10-NEWS INVESTIGATORS

ST. PETERSBURG, FL/LOS ANGELES, CA – After 10-News Investigative Reporter Noah Noah-Pransky-of-10-News-Tampa-Bay-FLPransky and Veterans’ Rights Advocate and Columnist Terry Richards (then living in St. Petersburg and now in Los Angeles) teamed-up about 18-months ago to make the VA change MEDEMS foxnewscloseup the way it does Business. And Pransky and Richards accomplished exactly that, because after a series of 10-News Investigation  Broadcasts pointing out costly typos on veterans’ compensation documents which cheated Veterans out of their due and lawful compensation reimbursements, the VA has sent out its new and improved and accurate 21P-8416 MEDICAL EXPENSE REPORT form for the first time in five years, showing not only that the efforts of Pransky and Richards made the VA change the way it did Business but that it can actually be accomplished when people have a passion to correct injustices!!!
“In a nutshell”, low-income “WAR-TIME VETERANS” receiving the NON-SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITY PENSION are suppose to be reimbursed for travel costs to and from Medical and Dental Appointments, as well as for out-of-pocket expenses for full payments or co-payments for Non-VA Medical and Dental costs and for costs for Medicare Part B and Private Insurance payments, Over-The-Counter Medications, among other things. But the VA was sending these Veterans at years end out-dated 21-8416 MEDICAL EXPENSE REPORTS which had lower mileage rates then were actually Appropriated by Congress, costing these low-income Veterans as much as hundred of dollars per year in reimbursements… Unfortunately, the videos on this story have been deleted by the TV Station.