Nimitz Calvet Home relinquishes Medical Care of homeless Veterans to VA Hospital.

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA/West Los Angeles VA Medical Center – After a Veterans News Service Los Angeles article was written and published by this Columnist on November 5, 2014 about the homeless Veterans in the Nimitz Calvet Home West Los Angeles Transitional Housing Program (THP) being denied Medical Care or placed on a waiting list to see a Calvet Primary Care Physicans, and then being denied treatment at the Main Hospital because they did not have a referral from their Calvets Primary Care Physician, their is now a new policy.

The new policy according to several Veterans who reside in the Calvets THP, Calvets has relinquished responsibility for all Medical Care for THP Veterans and has made an agreement with the VA that THP Veterans can now at their own free will and on their own and without the necessity of a referral from Calvets Primary Care Physicians, can apply for VA Primary Care Physician and Specialist Physicians either through theis VA Medical Center’s regular Primary Care Unit or the Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (HPACT)

Finally, these Veterans can get quick and adequate Medical Care.


Veterans wait-listed, denied Medical Care once again!!! How many will die this time???                              

2-Deaths, Inferior Medical Care, Inexperienced Staff, Gay Bashing Plague CALVET Home                                              

State Veterans Home tries to Coverup Over-Charging Homeless Veterans.