Is LADWP Stealing, Profiting $100’s of Millions by not returning Customer’s Security Deposits???

by Terry Richards


LADWP Refund Check 10-months after it was due.

LADWP Refund Check 10-months after it was due.

Letter from City Attorney Mike Feuer explaining why my LADWP Security Deposit was 10--months late???

Letter from City Attorney Mike Feuer explaining why my LADWP Security Deposit was 10–months late???

By the numerous complaints on the Internet of former Customers including this Writer who moved out of LADWP’s (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) area the answer quite simply appears to be yes…

On March 05, 2014 this Writer called LADWP’s automated phone line asking that his power be turned-off on March 07, 2014. The Computer than gave this Writer a confirmation number and also asked for a forwarding address to return the Deposit minus what was owed through March 07, 2014 if there was in fact a surplus.

About a month later in April 2014, this Writer received a final bill which in round numbers stated that this Writer was due $159 out of his $205 original deposit.

When September 2014 came around and this Writer still did not receive his due and payable $159 this Writer called LADWP Customer Service who advised this Writer that a check would be in the amount of $159 would be in the mail in October or November.

It is now January of 2015, 10-months after this Writer had his power turned-off and still no check for $159. So after checking the Internet for Complaints from former LADWP Customers as well as based upon LADWP’s notorious reputation, this Writer has reasonable cause to believe that not returning Customer’s

Security Deposits is part of an intentional Scam by LADWP to reap $100’s of Millions in wind-fall profits by Stealing from their former Customers who move out of their service area or have no need to transfer the Security Deposit for Power because the power is included in their rent or is in someone else’s name.

LADWP has 4-Million Customers. If they ripp-off just a Million of those Customers by not returning their more or less $159 Security Deposit, that’s $159 Million Dollars they could be making in illegal profits… And to where and/or to whom is all that extra money going???

Wherefore, on behalf of all the former LADWP Customers and this Writer who has been ripped-off by LADWP this Writer respectfully asks that Mayor Eric Garcetti not only call for a Criminal Investigation by the State Prosecutor’s Office but also an Audit of LADWP’s books in an effort to return all the Security Deposits to former Customers. And any for LADWP Customers who are owed money should contact the Mayor’s Office with your former LADWP Account Number and Address where you had the Service.

The Honorable Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles,                       

200 N. Spring St.  Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 978-0600                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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