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Arzenia Redcross, Chief of the Domiciliary at West Los Angeles VA Healthcare System sweeps Patient Abuse under the carpet instead of reporting it to the VA Police as a Matter of Law, which she did not do because the Complaining Patient was never interviewed by VA Police.

Arzenia Redcross, Chief of the Domiciliary at West Los Angeles VA Healthcare System sweeps Patient Abuse under the carpet instead of reporting it to the VA Police as a Matter of Law, which she did not do because the Complaining Patient was never interviewed by VA Police.

Patient Abuse Elder

VA Domiciliary Building 217 at West Los Angeles VA Healthcare System where Chief Arzenia Redcross' and other Management is located.

VA Domiciliary Building 217 at West Los Angeles VA Healthcare System where Chief Arzenia Redcross’ and other Management is located.

 Complaint for Patient Abuse filed with The Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring – Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO Regarding: VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Incident #22200MSA-52324CAQ

The issues, impact, and solutions to ending Veteran homelessness faster, more cost effectively – Part-2 of a Series – Veterans suffer Patient Abuse at West Los Angeles VA Domiciliary

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA Richard Jackson, a so-called Addiction Therapist in Training and Staff Member of the Business Management Office (BMO) at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center’s Domiciliary Residential and Rehabilitation Treatment Program (DRRTP) on at least 5-separate occasions in 2014, knowingly, intentionally, maliciously, and with the total disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of mostly homeless Veteran Resident-Patients, intimidated, harassed, ridiculed, scolded, and spoke harshly and rudely to these Veteran-Patients who are Vulnerable Adults and who many suffer from PTSD from Combat or other Military Traumas and/or Childhood Traumas and/or Major Depressive Disorder, and/or Bi-Polar Disorder, and to whom Jackson has been assigned to facilitate classes and one-on-one Addiction Therapy even if they only have Mental Health issues and no Drug or Alcohol Addictions.

Patient Abuse Emotional The Scars you cant see are the hardest to heal

Jackson’s actions have caused Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering and Mental Anguish to many Veteran Resident-Patients, all in Violation of the VA’s own written Policy on Patient Abuse as well as The State of California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act

VA Policy on “Patient Abuse” to which all Employees must read and sign prior to working in any position with the VA states in pertinent part that: Veteran-Patients will be shown every courtesy

and that: They will, at all times, be treated with kindness and sympathetic respect, to which Jackson has obviously failed to follow and adhere to.

Furthermore, said VA Policy also states in pertinent part that: Patient Abuse is the maltreatment of a patient, which includes: mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse.

Jackson, who openly stated that he was a former Veteran Resident-Patient and Graduate of the well-known New Directions for Veterans Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program, a VA Funded Non-Profit located on the grounds of the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center who at the time Jackson was a Resident-Patient used a very structured Military-like Program. The Program at that time included but was not limited to Patients marching in uniform with back-packs, encouraging Patients to tell on other Patients who violated the rules, placing Patients in a circle and having other Patients interrogate them. However, New Directions for Veterans later found that this type of indoctrination did more harm than good, and also caused Patients to relapse while in the Program, as well as relapsing after they Graduated, so they stopped using this form of Treatment in about 2009, according to over 50 homeless Veterans who were Graduates of New Directions for Veterans Treatment Program with whom this Reporter spoke with at said VA Domiciliary, on the street, and in Permanent Housing. Many of these same Veterans also told this Reporter that they themselves have relapsed an average of 5-times since Graduating the New Directions for Veterans Treatment Program. However, it appears that Jackson has not heard about the harmful effects of the former said indoctrination as he uses these harmful indoctrination methods on Veteran-Patients at said VA Domiciliary.

This Reporter is an “Expert” (as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary) in “Dysfunctional Family” issues and traits and can easily evaluate that Jackson has substantial “left-over baggage” from childhood, adulthood, and from being mistreated while a Patient at New Directions for Veterans, all of which has resulted in Jackson taking out his “unfinished business” in the form of ABUSE on Veteran Resident-Patients at the West Los Angeles VA Domiciliary.

Of even more concern, it should be duly noted by the VA, and the VA Police, and other Law Enforcement Government Authorities that on or about April 22, 2014 while facilitating a class, Veteran Patients say that Jackson while telling a story about an incident he had with a vehicle and driver while he was on the highway that it would have been a grave mistake for that driver to have tried to intimidate or threaten him because he has a concealed weapons permit to carry a hand-gun. That’s not only too much information but unnecessary information, and reasonable minds would conclude that Jackson was endeavoring to intimidate Veteran-Patients that they better not respond in a hostile or intimidating manner to anything he says or does even if it is Patient Abuse because he has a permit to carry a hand-gun. Furthermore, is Jackson carrying his hand-gun on his person or in his office or in his car when he comes to work at the VA??? Because VA Police advised this Reporter that even if one has a permit to carry a concealed weapon they cannot bring that weapon on VA Property unless they are a Law Enforcement Officer. VA Police also advised this Reporter that they are not even permitted to bring their own private weapons on VA Property whether they have a concealed weapons permit or not but rather can only carry and use their Government issued weapons while on VA Property.

On or about June 15, 2014 Jackson took-over the community meeting to tell Veteran-Patients of the 3rd Floor Life Works Program that some Veteran-Patient had reported him “to the Lady” (That’s “block talk” probably meaning Arzenia Redcross, the Chief of this Domiciliary) for being NASTY to Veteran-Patients, Jackson stated. Then Jackson said:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I don’t care, go ahead and report me“!!!

So the next day a Veteran-Patient went ahead and reported Jackson by filing a Notice of Intent to File Patient Abuse charges against Richard Jackson. A conciliation meeting was held with said Patient and Jackson by VA Domiciliary Coordinator Karen Howard in which Jackson agreed in writing not to talk that way anymore to at least that Veteran-Patient. Then the Veteran-Patient was asked to sign it, however, the document was not signed by Jackson but rather by Howard, supposedly on behalf of Jackson??? By doing this Howard made the said incidents more about the Patient than Jackson, and, therefore, shows VA Mentality of always trying to cover-up wrongful actions and omissions. The very next day Jackson continued with his Verbal and Emotional Abuse daring anyone to report him according to other Patients.

It also is the expert opinion of this Reporter that Jackson needs to be removed from his Addiction Therapist and BMO positions and placed on paid Administrative Leave pending the undergoing of Psychiatric/Psychological Treatment, as well as Special Training on VA’s Policy on Patient Abuse, and to once again read that document that he acknowledged signing prior to working in his said positions for the VA before there are numerous Federal Tort Claims filed for his Negligence and Malpractice against Veterans Resident-Patients of this Domiciliary.

Furthermore, denying Patients the use of their bathrooms in their assigned rooms especially for urination or defecation is Emotional Patient Abuse  which occurs Monday through Friday at the West Los Angeles VA Domiciliary in that Patients are not permitted to be in their living quarters between the hour of 10am -11am due to Inspections of the Patient rooms by Staff. This specific inspection and times are noted in the 2012 Patient Handbook distributed to Patients in 2014. There was a 2014 Patient Handbook published but it was not distributed to Patients for Ominous reasons which will be discussed later below. This means that the 250 Veteran Patients in both Domiciliary buildings 214 and 217 cannot use their bathrooms from 10am-11am. They would have to use the public bathrooms of which there are 2 in each of these buildings. If only 10%/25 of these Patients had a “Nature call” and needed to use those bathrooms at the same time, you do the math!!! But having this inspection was not enough for Richard Jackson. Jackson also told all the Patients at a morning meeting that on Mondays Patients must stand by the doors to their rooms at 8:30am for another inspection by Jackson, of which should be duly noted in not mentioned in the 2012 Patient Handbook. Jackson also did not care that their were Elderly Veterans 65 and over to which standing up in front of their room doors would be a burden. But when these Elderly Veterans were not by their door or after inspecting their rooms, Jackson raised his voice to them in an Abusive manner a/k/a ELDER ABUSE.

However, the additional inspections by Jackson was still not enough to fill Jackson’s “left-over baggage”. Now Jackson also wanted Patients to make hospital corners on their bed which is also not mentioned in the 2012 Patient Handbook. And when Jackson imposed this new self-made Rule that Patients were to make “hospital corners” on their beds, when one 65-year old Elderly Patient asked Jackson to make Reasonable Accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Jackson refused to make Reasonable Accommodations for the Patient to NOT have to make “hospital corners” even though this Patient was still being in recovery from Spine Surgery for Spinal Stenosis at UCLA Spine Center on September 11, 2013, and also had incurred a new Spinal Injury that will also require Surgery, and that making the “hospital corners” required picking up the heavy mattress and moving-out the heavy bed from the wall in order to fully make the “hospital corners” on all four-sides of the bed as Jackson was requiring, but which this Patient’s UCLA Spine Surgeon advised him NOT to pick-up anything heavy for 1-year after Surgery. A Complaint about Jackson failing to make Reasonable Accommodations was filed in writing online with Disability Rights California  to which this Patient received several responses and to which is a Matter of Record at Disability Rights California.

****This Reporter believes that the reason they did not distribute the 2014 Patient Handbook is because their were different rules made in the 2014 Patient Handbook which Staff would refer when endeavoring to enforce a rule that was not in the 2012 Patient Handbook. So when Patients would say they did not see the particular rule Staff was talking about Staff would say that it is in the 2014 Patient Handbook of which Patients did not have possession, custody, or control to read.****

Tranquility in all areas at a VA Hospital or any Hospital is a necessary ingredient for Healing. But there is No Tranquility virtually anywhere on West Los Angeles VA Healthcare System Hospital Grounds because Loud Music is allowed to be played without impunity, and is another form of Patient Abuse.

From on or about March 13 to July 09, 2014, a Domiciliary Patient who sat and rode around in an electric wheelchair started blasting his music box at the highest volume in the “Quad” between buildings 214 and 217 as early as 6:00am and as late as 10:00pm. Said music box in the “Quad” was so loud and disturbing that it not only ruined the day for other Patients who were trying to relax but raised their blood pressure as well and injured or could have injured their hearing.

Even after numerous complaints from Veteran Resident-Patients in the Program, and the complaints being presented several times by the then President of the 3rd floor “Life Works” Program at the Patients bi-monthly meeting with Redcross, Redcross refused to Order the wheelchair music box Patient to cease and desist from playing his music box without a headset.

At the next Patient meeting, Redcross told said President of “Life Works” that she would tell Staff to intervene and order the wheelchair music box Patient to stop playing music without a head set which is part of said Domiciliary’s Policy and can be found in said 2012 Patient Handbook. Unfortunately, Redcross’ Orders to Staff were never carried out because the wheelchair music box Patient continued playing his loud music right in front of Staff and they did nothing.

Additionally, the same kind of loud music was allowed to be played by the dining room Staff while Patients were eating and had the same or worse effects on many Veteran Patients. And when said President also brought this complaint to Redcross she told him they have to play the music loud because that’s the only way they can hear it when the dishwashing machine is running. When one Patient heard this excuse he said:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “The dining room employees don’t get paid to listen to music, they get paid to prepare and serve Patients their food, wash dishes and keep the dining room clean.”

Another Patient said:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “There is only 4 ½ -hours a day when Patients can eat in the dining room, so if dining room Staff find a need to play their music box loud, let them do it when Patients are not eating”.

Based upon the above, Redcross knowingly, intentionally, and with the total disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of Patients, allowed Patient the wheelchair music box Patient to continue to blast his music in the Quad relaxation area from 6am to 10pm without impunity.

This same music box Patient and other Veteran-Patients were also blasting their music box in front of Building 500 which is this VA’s Main Hospital and Staff and VA Police did nothing to stop them either.

For the purposes of filing a Federal Tort Claim against the VA for Negligence or Malpractice, “Patient Abuse” Violates the State of California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act which states in pertinent part that: Abuse of an elder or a dependent adult” means either of the following:

(a) Physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment with resulting physical harm or pain or mental suffering.

(b) The deprivation by a care custodian of goods or services that are necessary to avoid physical harm or mental suffering.                                                                                          

The reasoning behind this is that Federal Tort Claim Administrative Rules dictate that when there is no Federal Law for the Violations, the State Law is used. So since there is no Civil Federal Law against Patient Abuse, the above California Law is used.

“Health practitioner” means a physician and surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, dentist, resident, intern, podiatrist, chiropractor, registered nurse, dental hygienist, licensed clinical social worker or associate clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor, or any other person who is currently licensed under Division 2 (commencing with Section 500) of the Business and Professions Code, any emergency medical technician I or II, paramedic, or person certified pursuant to Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797) of the Health and Safety Code, a psychological assistant registered pursuant to Section 2913 of the Business and Professions Code, a marriage and family therapist trainee, as defined in subdivision (c) of Section 4980.03 of the Business and Professions Code, an unlicensed marriage and family therapist intern registered under Section 4980.44 of the Business and Professions Code, a clinical counselor trainee, as defined in subdivision (g) of Section 4999.12 of the Business and Professions Code, a clinical counselor intern registered under Section 4999.42 of the Business and Professions Code, a state or county public health or social service employee who treats an elder or a dependent adult for any condition, or a coroner.

cc:    The Honorable Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs by email and/or certified mail.

cc:    The Honorable Ted Lieu, Member of Congress by email and Fax.

cc:    Director or Acting Director, West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center regular U.S. Mail.

cc:    Arzenia Redcross, Chief of the VA Domiciliary West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center by email.

cc:    William Daniels, Chief, Mental Health, West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center by email.

cc:    Nikki T. Baker, Associate Director of Public and Congressional Affairs, West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center by email.

cc:    The Honorable Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles by email, and Others.