The word homeless and Veteran should never be used together.

The word homeless and Veteran should never be used together.


Operation No More Fu_ _en Bullsh_tting Veterans is Now in Effect

The issues, impact, and solutions to ending Veteran homelessness faster, more cost effectively – Part-3 of a Series – Are HUD-VASH Section 8 Choice Housing Vouchers for Veterans Permanent???

by Terry Richards


The answer to this question is of great concern to this Reporter, and here’s why???

 HUD-VASH = (VA Supported Housing) will only be as Permanent to the extent to which Congress Funds to renew existing Vouchers for those Veterans already in that Program in each Budget Fiscal Year. And the same also goes for new HUD-VASH Vouchers, Project Based Housing, Single Room Occupancies, all administered by HUD. And the same goes for the Funding of Permanent Housing operated by Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations. The problem with the latter is that Non-Profits and Faith-Based Housing are also dependent on Tax-Deductible Donations. If the economy is down and Congress cuts spending on all Government Housing, and they don’t get enough Cash Donations who is going to pay for the upkeep of their Housing and the paying their employees???

Veterans who participate in HUD-VASH Section 8 Permanent “Supportive” Housing agree to allow VASH Social Workers to visit them once a month, four or six times a year, or whatever the Social Worker deems necessary during the first 5-years of their Supported Housing. However, the Social Worker can release Veterans from VASH as early as 2-years if they deem it appropriate.


So what happens when a Veteran is released from VASH??? What happens is that the Veteran and their family members if they any are also participants, and are now also placed in regular Section 8 Housing and are no longer considered part of VASH. This means that if Congress does not fully fund regular Section 8 Housing and/or any other Government Housing for Veterans,  which they have been known in the past to do, these Section 8 Veteran participants could find themselves homeless once again. And since they are now just regular Section 8 Tenants, no statistics are kept by HUD as to whether Veterans or Non-Veterans lose their Section 8 Government Housing, so the American Public won’t know what Congress has done to Veterans.


Veterans want a Guarantee (With a Capital “G”) that Congress Legislate a Bill that makes both Permanent Housing and all other VA Funding “Mandatory Funding” just like Social Security and the Department of Defense (DOD). Veterans really don’t care how “you guys” (“You guys” meaning Congress) and whoever is the President at the time. You can make a part of the DOD or Social Security or VA Funding or give it another name. We Veterans don’t care how you do it, because Operation No More Bull-Shi_ _ing Veterans is now in effect.

Oh by the way. If we ever have to bring back the “Draft” or need Volunteers to Defend the United States, unless you guys/Congress show Americans and the World that the United States takes care of its Veterans when they come home, there is either going to be a lot of American Men who would rather do “Jail-time”or move-out of the United States than be inducted into any one of our Armed Forces.

Unless Congress Commits to always renewing existing HUD-VASH Vouchers each Fiscal Year, Veterans in Permanent Housing could find themselves homeless and without Permanent Housing unless they find other avenues od affordable housing or friends or relatives or shelters to house them, which means these Veterans would be going-back back to “square-1”.

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness