VA Secretary McDonald’s Special Forces misstatement due to him being Human…

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA – Simply put, VA Secretary Bob McDonald is “the real deal”. McDonald is such a great Veteran-Patriot and Businessman and the right man at the right time to get the job done of overhauling the previously cult-like and mismanaged Department of Veterans Affairs and has accomplished more to help homeless, disabled, elderly and otherwise financially disadvantaged Veterans in the last 7-months than all his predecessors put together, with News Media Cameras rolling, it’s obvious to at least this Reporter, that as McDonald stated, his misstatement “was not intended to misrepresent his Military Service”. And like President Obama, I also “take him at his word”… And here’s why:

After the homeless Veteran in Los Angeles told McDonald that he had been part of Special Forces, and McDonald knowing that he was being recorded by the News Media, the reason McDonald made his so-called “misstatement” that he too was a member of Special Forces, was because McDonald’s energy and excitement about what he is doing to transform the VA and help all Veterans is so high that he wanted to let that homeless Veteran and all other Veterans know that he is “one of them” having served and graduated as an Army Ranger School and assigned to the 82nd Airborne, which is considered a great and not very easy accomplishment that he made a “Human error” and made a “misstatement” but never intended to misrepresent his Military Service.

No Human Being on this Earth is “perfect”… If anyone is waiting for someone “perfect” to fill the positions of VA Secretary, President, Member of Congress, Supreme Court or any other Government Office or Private Sector position, those positions will remain unfilled forever.

Everyone should forgive McDonald for being Human. If they won’t I will. And McDonald should also forgive himself for being Human. If he won’t I will…