Veterans Home Defrauds Honest homeless Veterans paying rent on all their income

by Terry Richards

Los Angeles The California Veterans Home West Los Angeles’ (“Calvets”) Financial Administration Employees have knowingly, intentionally, and deceivingly Defrauded some current and former Residents in its VA Funded Temporary Housing Program (THP) for homeless Veterans by taking it upon themselves to unlawfully overrule 38 U.S.C. 501 Section 61.82 by charging some Residents rent based upon only one of their two or more reportable incomes while charging other Residents rent based upon two or more of their incomes or their only income that these Honest homeless Veteran-Residents have Declared to Calvets. Then there are those Veteran-Residents who don’t Declare any of their income, and therefore, don’t pay any rent.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501, 2011, 2012, 2061)

  • 61.82 Participant fees for supportive housing.                                                                     (a) Each participant of supportive housing may be required to pay a participant fee in an amount determined by the recipient, except that such participant fee may not exceed 30 percent of the participant’s monthly income after deducting medical expenses, child care expenses, court ordered child support payments, or other court ordered payments; nor may it exceed the program’s set maximum rate or the HUD Fair Market Rent for that type of housing and its location, whichever is less. The participant fee determination and collection process/procedures should be documented in the grant recipient’s operating procedures to ensure consistency, fairness, and accuracy of fees collected. The participant’s monthly income includes all income earned by or paid to the participant.

How is the above “disparate treatment” by Calvets fair to those THP Residents who are or were paying 47.5% on any and all of their incomes for rent??? The answer of course is it’s not fair

Reportable incomes that Residents are required to Declare to Calvets for “rent purposes” include but may not be limited to earnings from “Taxable” Employment including Self-Employment, VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation, VA Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplementary Security Income (SSI), and Government and Private Pensions. Compensated Work Therapy is not considered income because a Federal Court Decision deemed it as “Work Therapy” rather than just regular work or employment and therefore not taxable earned income.

UPDATE: CWT wages not barred from being considered income for rent purposes

One THP Resident revealed that he was paying about $900 per month rent based upon his Service-Connected Disability and then also had to pay several hundred dollars more for rent on his taxable employment. But when he asked Calvets if he could only pay rent based on his VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation Calvets said okay. But did Calvets make an equal adjustment for all (Emphasis on “all”) other Residents with similar incomes or just one income that did not directly ask Calvets for the same adjustment??? No they did not

Another THP Resident revealed that he was paying about $400 per month rent based upon 47.5% of his VA Service-Connected Disability income but was not paying any rent at all based upon his additional income of about $2,000 per month from his taxable employment. So that means he was only paying 14% rent on his total income. This Resident further stated that the reason Calvets did not charge him on all of his income was because: They knew I would leave if I had to pay rent on all my income this Resident said. But his roommate was being charged 47.5% of his $1054 total monthly income and had to pay $501 per month rent. Aside from the fact that Calvets is committing Fraud, where’s the fairness in this scenario???

So is telling Calvets that: You will leave if you have to pay rent on any or all of your income The “magic words” to get the same deal??? Sounds like a ridiculous and invalid reason on Calvets part even if true… However, as long as Calvets advised all Residents that all they had to do is use those “magical words” to get the same deal, than Calvets might have been getting closer to being “Fair” to all of its THP Residents. But Calvets did not do any of this

If Calvets did not know about these incomes because the Resident did not Declare it then what you don’t know -you don’t know and Calvets would not be accountable for Fraud. So what pisses-off this Reporter more than anything else is that Calvets in fact knew and currently knows about the reportable incomes of Residents that only pay rent on one of their two or more reportable incomes but did not charge them on both of their reportable incomes or perhaps even not charging them on their only income??? This is not just “disparate treatment” it is also plain and simple Fraud” by Calvets.

There’s no doubt that “all” Residents with reportable income would like to not have to pay rent on all their income. So those Residents who did not or currently do not Declare their reportable incomes so that they can save “all” their money but allow their other Honest Fellow-Veterans to pay 47.5% of their reportable income on rent which only allows them to save 52.5% of their reportable income obviously are only out for themselves and are “leaving their Honest Fellow-Veterans behind financially” just as they probably would in Combat.

The biggest question I have is what is the basis and determining factors on how Calvet decides which Residents they let pay rent on only one of two or more of their incomes or not pay rent at all on their only income??? Can’t wait to hear that answer from Calvets once this Tort goes to an Administrative Tort Claim hearing and/or to the VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald who is the Signing Authority to enforce the above Code.

Finally, either all Residents pay what they are supposed to pay in rent or no Residents has to pay any rent…


State Veterans Home tries to Coverup Over-Charging Homeless Veterans.                                            

cc:  Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 810 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20420.

cc: California Department of Veterans Affairs