Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, Combat Vets not eligible for Non-Service Connected Disability Pension says VBA.

by Terry Richards

PHILADELPHIA, PA – After this Writer learned that some Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua and possibly other U.S. Combat Campaign and Expedition Combat Veterans were given inaccurate information that they were eligible for the Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, in addition to providing them with the VA eligibility website for this Pension which reveals that only Wartime Veterans during the major periods of war are eligible, this writer placed a call to Matthew Wright, the Quality Control Training Supervisor for the VBA (Veterans Benefits Administration) at the VA Pension Center in Philadelphia and a long-time source of Official and accurate information on VBA Policies, Procedures and Regulations for this Writer.

Wright confirmed that only Wartime Veterans during the periods of war of the Mexican Border Period, World War One and Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and post 9/11 Era were eligible for the Pension.

Eligible Wartime Periods – Pension

However, this Writer and Veterans News Service Los Angeles disagrees with this Policy and urges Members of Congress to pass Legislation that makes Veterans who were actually “in country” and in the “combat zone” of the above Combat Campaign eligible for the Pension.