501(C)(3) ME GET RICH Non-Profit Scams – Part One – 73.3% of Homeless in California remain unsheltered, Maine only 4.0%. Why?

Big Profits in keeping the homeless-homeless for Non-Profit Scammers.

Writers Note: Not all Non-Profits are “A Cause for Misgivings”.

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA – Let’s cut to the chase right-off-the-bat. The reason why you have so many unsheltered homeless people, especially homeless Veterans in California, and especially in Los Angeles, is that instead of just simply building Government Funded Private Permanent Housing Projects for the homeless on Public or Private Land because there are not enough Private Landlords willing to accept homeless as tenants, you have Federal, State, County and City Governments duplicating Services and contracting out to too many unscrupulous Tax Exempt 501 (C)(3) ME GET RICH Non-Profits of whose only intent by Incorporator’s and/or CEO’s and/or Executive Directors and/or other Employees is too get rich or otherwise stuff their pockets with as much money for themselves as possible while helping the homeless, especially homeless Veterans is still a hot Political topic and Local and National Epidemic.

Moreover, these same Non-Profits are also unnecessarily duplicating Services and not coordinating with other Non-Profits providing the same services because they want to get as much money in donations for themselves as they can.

Many of these Non-Profits also “Cook-The Books” and lye to Donors about how much “goes-back” to their Programs and the “Success of their Programs.

Too many people making Big Profits and/or Big Salaries off keeping the homeless-homeless in Temporary Housing and other Programs, and that’s why homelessness will never be remedied with the simple answer of Private Permanent Housing but not on Government Facilities like the VA except for Elderly and other Veterans who need Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care because surveys have revealed that 80% of homeless Veterans do not want to to live in Permanent Housing located on VA Property and be subjected to substance abuse testing, military type inspections and treatment by staff, unable to have overnight guests, and lack of privacy in general.

The 80% survey is backed-up the annual Point-In-Time National Survey that reveals that 75% of Veterans fail to use VA Medical Care on a regular basis because they do not trust the VA or its  Medical Care or the way they are treated. Homeless Veterans want their own private apartment. It’s that Simple!!!

Don’t believe the Headline about 501(c)(3) Me Get Rich Charity Scams??? Log onto the link below for the Evidence.


 Page down to Exhibit 2.7 at link below.


GAO Reports on Duplication, Fragmentation, and Overlapping of Homelessness Programs and Services