*The National Elderly Veterans Project

MISSION: To empower, support, enhance, and bring joy into the lives of Elderly Veterans 65 and over.

On Veterans Day in 2014 there were 9.4 Million Veterans age 65 and over.

A Free Guide for individuals, business owners, Nonprofits, and other Organizations on How to empower, support, enhance, and bring joy into the lives of Elderly Veterans 65 and over through Social Activities and Entertainment. We don’t bring it to fruition, you do. This is just a guide on “How To”.

by Terry Richards

You DO NOT have to be an IRS Tax-Exempt Nonprofit or Registered or Licensed by your State, County or City to recruit your friends, neighbors, local businesses, Nonprofits or Veterans Organizations to help you Sponsor an event for Elderly Veterans as long as you disclose you are not a Nonprofit and don’t act like a Nonprofit such as soliciting donations on a regular basis. You can just be one individual, a group of individuals, a business owner, a formal or informal organization.

Go to your Regional or Hometown Newspapers and TV and Radio Stations to see if you can get Free Publicity if you are having difficulty locating Elderly Veterans in your local or regional neighborhood and want to recruit them for an event or want to recruit individuals or businesses to Sponsor an event.

A new Project created by this 67-year-old Columnist for Veterans News Service Los Angeles and Nationally Recognized Veterans Rights Advocate Terry Richards to Enhance and bring Joy to the Lives of ambulatory or npn-ambulatory “shut-in” Elderly Veterans 65 & over living alone by providing them with Social Activities and Entertainment.  https://vnsla.com/about/

Take groups of Elderly Veterans, as many as you can handle or recruit to Comedy Shows, Plays, Movies, Restaurants, Coffee Houses, Parks, one or more day Ocean, River, or Lake Cruises, etc., especially on Days like “Veterans Day, a day of camaraderie and friendship among Veterans. Also, many major restaurant chains offer FREE MEALS to Veterans on Veterans Day.

On Memorial Day take them to a local Cemetary having Ceremonies.

On July 4th take them to your local fireworks displays and celebrations.

On Thanksgiving and Religious Holidays invite them to you and your friends and neighbors homes for dinner or take them to a restaurant.

Have “Elderly VET*TOGETHERS” where Elderly Veterans can just chat with one another and make new friends while having coffee, soft drinks, snacks at non-commercial venue spaces that might be offered to you at various locations in your Hometown every monthly or quarterly.

Take Entertainment of various kinds to VA Nursing Home Facilities subject to VA approval or Private Nursing Home Facilities where there might be Veterans.

Provide them with Gifts that are practical, useful or fun at any time during the year.

I suggest you use the Paradigm of Veterans 65 and over because they are the most vulnerable of the Veterans groups according to VA and other studies. There are also special benefits for Wartime Veterans 65 and over like the Non-Service Connected Disability Pension which becomes an automatic benefit if their income falls below that which is prescribed by Law because by Law they are considered Disabled at age 65 whether they actually are or not. In 2016 a single Wartime Veteran by Law must earn at least $1072. If the Veteran does not earn $1072, then the VA must the Veteran the difference in a partial Non-Service Connected Disability Pension. Also at age 65 any Citizen or Legal Resident who may not be eligible for Social Security Retirement Income and whose income from all sources or if no income falls below what that State pays for Supplementary Security Income (SSI), then that person must be paid the difference or receive full SSI. So as part of your event, you can provide these Elderly Veterans with this information to make sure they are getting the Benefits they have earned and to which they are entitled, as they may not know about it because the VA does not keep Veterans well-informed of all their Benefits to which they are entitled. Moreover, these low-income Elderly Veterans need all the help, enhancement, and joy in their lives that they can get.

VA Benefits for Elderly Veterans http://www.benefits.va.gov/persona/veteran-elderly.asp

Fast Facts about Older Americans 65 & over   http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/older-american-health.htm

Legal Definition of an “Elderly Person” in California

  • (g) As used in this section, “elder” means any person who is 65 years of age or older.                                                                California Penal Code, Section 368
*Modified from its original version titled The Elderly Veterans Project of Los Angeles County.