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40,000+ Veterans Charities – 50,000 Veterans still Homeless on the Streets

400,000 service organizations that in some way touch veterans or service members

by Terry Richards

Instead of just talking about why President Obama severely and shockingly disappointed the veterans’ community by failing to focus on veterans issues tonight, in his final State of the Union address, let’s talk about why there are approximately 50,000 Homeless Veterans still living on the streets of America and approximately another 30,000 in Transitional Housing Programs when there are over 40,000 nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving the military and veterans and an estimated 400,000 service organizations that in some way touch veterans or service members??? Are you telling me that 400,000 Veterans charities and Service Organizations can’t come up with enough money to house 80,000 Homeless Veterans???

Where’s all the Donations going??? Obviously not to obtain permanent housing for Homeless Veterans.

I will tell you where the Donations are going, mostly into the pockets of incorporators and the friends and relatives they hire as employees and/or being misdirected to Fundraising rather than to Programs.

Moreover, the Government pays Transitional Housing Programs mostly Veterans Charities, some State Government Housing Facilities about $44 per day or about $1,338 per month to keep Veterans off-the-street which is great but that money could be used to get those Veterans Permanent Housing.

Why can only HUD Housing Vouchers be used when the Government is spending the same amount of money each month for Transitional Housing Programs?

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