Mr. President, Members of Congress, please Dismantle the entire VA System as there is No Hope to Repair it, ever!!!


If you really care about Veterans, and you just don’t consider us as “Collateral Damage”, please Dismantle the Veterans Health Care Administrations and Privatize Veterans Healthcare by Executive Order or Legislation that will allow Veterans to receive medical care at real hospitals with real Doctors of their choice and be treated with Dignity and Respect, and where employees are held “Accountable” for their “Wrongful Actions” can be “Fired” for Patient Abuse, Negligence, Malpractice, and being Disrespectful to Patients. 


You should also Dismantle all the Regional Offices and the Board of Veterans Appeals of the Veterans Benefits Administration and Privatize that too by contracting it out to a Company that does not have a Motto of “Deny, Deny, Until They Die” with the stipulation that they only have 90-days to approve or deny a Veterans Service-Connected, Non-Service Connected, or Section 1151 Claim. And if not approved to the full satisfaction of the Veteran or the Veteran’s claim is denied, the Veteran will have the right to have his claim heard in Federal Court by a Judge.


The VA Culture cannot and will not ever be changed because it is run by a bunch of gangsters, thugs and hoodlums who should be indicted under the “RICO ACT” (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) with the full knowledge of all or most current and past Presidents and Members of Congress who have “turned a blinds eye” towards this Corruption.

Turn a Blind Eye defined by Albert Einstein

I am sure I do not have to “Cite” all the VA Misconduct News Stories Headlined in the National News Media over the last weeks, months, years, and decades as to my reason for my request for you to Dismantle the VA System.