"VFW No One Does More For Veterans"??? Now in Question and a Cause For Misgivings...

“VFW No One Does More For Veterans”???
Now in Question and a Cause For Misgivings…

VFW Misappropriates Donations meant to help Veterans

by Terry Richards

This is the beginning of a series of stories about long-established and well-known to the American Public Veterans Organizations Chartered by Congress who are not as “Wholesome” as it has been believed. Just like VA and other Nonprofit Charity Misconduct, their Misconduct must also be exposed.

While many Officers of these Veterans Organizations may not receive any Salary for their positions, it appears they are getting reimbursed by putting Donations mean to help Veterans into their own pockets.

“Our investigation uncovered most of the money donated to veterans charities doesn’t go toward helping a single veteran” like VFW’s State-Adjutant Quartermaster, Roy Grona who is also the Executive Director of the Texas VFW Foundation involved in Misappropriation of Donations.