The President, Congress can’t Stop VA Misconduct???

Are you telling me that the most powerful man in the world, The President of the United States (includes all past Presidents not just the current President) who can start a war, among other things, by Executive Order, order a nuclear attack on a nation or nations, or respond to a nuclear attack on the United States, together with United States Congress (includes all past Sessions of Congress not just the current one) who has the power to Declare War, Amend the United States Constitution, Appropriate and Legislate the National Budget, and Overturn a Presidential Veto with a 75% Vote, can’t Order the VA to STOP perpetrate Misconduct or Fire its Senior Management or other employees that do? Of course, they can but they want these kinds of  employees to work for the VA because in reality they want Veterans to have fight for their Disability Benefits and decent Medical Care that they have already earned rather than just give it to them in order to save money. Many or most Members of past and present Sessions of Congress have and will publicly decree for political purposes that they are fed up with VA Misconduct, but with a “wink and a nod” they tell VA Senior Management to keep up the great job they are doing in saving Treasury Funds, which is “acting in the best interest of the United States” because Veterans are just “Collateral Damage” to some but not all past or present Presidents or Members of Congress, and they don’t want to have to lay-out a lot of money just for “Collateral Damage.” It’s that simple Ladies and Gentleman and My Fellow Veterans!!!

WRITER’S NOTE:  Readers should Duly Note that there is actually a Federal Regulation that allows Federal Employees who are considered Management to receive as much as $62,000 or more per year Bonus in 2013 “For Acting in the best interest of the (United States) Government which the Government calls “A Performance or Merit Bonus.”

VA Officials Will Get Millions of Dollars in Bonuses Under House-Senate Agreement