VA Employee, Marine Combat Veteran, ‘Blows The Whistle’ on West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Misconduct – Part 1

“Nurse Ratched” like Nurses (“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”) work in the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Psychiatric Ward.

“had you not served in the Military, you would not be here, so it’s your fault that you are here,” said a VA Psychiatric Nurse to a Veteran-Patient when he complained of food deprivation.

by Terry Richards

LOSANGELES – Nestor Morales, a 31-year old VA Marine Combat-Injured Veteran of the Iraq War who was earning $62,000 per year as an Industrial Equipment Mechanic for the Department of Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles Healthcare System, and his Wife and 5 small Children have been left in poverty to live on only about $1,000 per month from Morale’s 50% Service-Connected Disability Compensation because the VA Senior Management and Human Resources have retaliated against him for “Blowing the Whistle” on inappropriate, disgraceful, neglectful, and abusive treatment of Veterans he observed and reported, as well as starting a Petition signed by numerous other VA employees, and reporting unsafe working conditions, incompetence, mismanagement, abuse of authority, and retaliation by Supervisors related to his job, and substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

Morales is supposed to be Protected by the VA’s “Whistleblower Protection Program”   

Veterans’ Whistleblower and Patient Protection Act of 2015

In addition, to the email Morales sent this Columnist on January 28, 2016, which is set forth below and details his 6-day stay in the Psychiatric Ward, Morales told this Reporter in an agreed in person recorded interview on January 30, 2016, that one VA Psychiatric Nurse told a Veteran-Patient who complained to her about food deprivation: “had you not served in the Military, you would not be here, so it’s your fault that you are here.”

Morales went on to say that when Veteran-Patients complain about the quantity and quality of food, the Nurses make sure they get less food the next meal as punishment for complaining. Morales also told this Columnist that the 3-meals and a snack they get in the Psychiatric Ward is only about 1,000 calories a day.

This story is so vast and there is so much official documentation provided to this Columnist by Morales as well as about 35-minutes of audio, that it will have to be written in at least 3-parts.


Nestor Morales

Good day sir. I was released from the psychiatric ward monday jan 26, 2016. My stay was an approximate 6 day wait. I am still a current va employee at 11301 wilshire blvd los angeles ca 90073. I was also a patient there. I requested to stay there instead of transfering as i thought i would recieve better treatment being also an employee and boy was i wrong! I hold the position of industrial equipment mechanic.

I am supposed to be on workers comp but yet to recive any compensation. I am going on 4 months without compensation. I have 5 small children who the va has directly and indirectly injured. The va HR has tried to demote me by claiming that a job offer that i just recieved was an accomodation. This is not so as they expect me to perform the full duties of a housekeeper/janitor.

I live at (Removal of Address requested). My residence is about a 2 to 2.5 hour drive for a total of 220 mile roundtrip for my employment and care.i sent this complaint to the oig as i was a witness to many patient rights violations by non veteran staff.

Good day sir, in the few paragraphs I will submit my complaints as I have seen and been a part of staff physical and mental intimidation at the west Los Angeles va in California.

I am a severely disabled marine corps combat veteran and dually a va employee at 11301 Wiltshire blvd Los angles va health care center. I voluntarily went in for inpatient care. I have suffered from physical and mental stress caused by war and my employer. I was in the psych ward for 6 days. During this time I met various veterans from various eras. Even though our ages varied the disgraceful treatment and care we received was appalling. The amazement in my mind from these events left me speechless.

Incidents are as follows:

1. Excessive force used by 6 nurses on an elder navy veteran.(Gary Gordan)
2.  The reduction of food portions as punishment for complaining on the amount and quality of food.(Gary Gordan,Shawn Norewood,Joel Godoy, Nestor Morales, and other patients.
3. The refusal to provide religious reading materials.(Nestor Morales)
4. The verbal abuse from a nurse to patients(Gary Gordan,Joel Godoy,Shawn Norewood, Nestor Morales)
5. The unsatisfactory living conditions where blood stains are still seen on the walls.(Gary Gordan,Joel Godoy,Shawn Norewood, Nestor Morales)
6. There is much more. Please I need help for all these veterans and myself.
7. False imprisoment (shawn norewood)
8. Supervisor joan miller from patients rights yelling at Gary Gordan
9. Joan Miller denied Gary Gordan the right to call the police as his property was stolen while an inpatient.
10. Denial of constitutional right to free speech.
11. female nurses lazy and spending all day on facebook
12.Nursing staff asleep while on duty inside patient area.
13. Nursing staff eating and drinking food in front of patients while patients are starving.
14. mental intimidation

2139992756 thank you and have a great day


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