U.S. Veterans to U.S. Government: Loyalty, Patriotism, is a 2-Way Street

by Terry Richards

For the purposes of this story, Loyalty is defined as – A person who feels loyalty to a nation, cause, or person feels a sense of allegiance, commitment, dedication toward them.

Patriotism is defined as  – devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.

If you want current and future Members of the Armed Forces to remain Loyal and Patriotic whether they are Volunteers or Drafted, you better start taking care of them in an expeditious manner once they are Discharged and need Quality Medical Care, Affordable Housing, or if they are Entitled to Service-Connected Disability or a Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, or you may find a lot of people unwilling to Serve in the future when they are needed to Defend Our Great Nation.

And simply put, you are not currently reciprocating the full Loyalty and Patriotism that America’s Veterans have already reciprocated by the mere fact that they Served in The United States Armed Forces. 

A Nation’s success is measured by its willingness to give back to those who have Served and Sacrificed in Defense of this Nation’s and other Nation’s Freedoms throughout the World.

“A Word to the Wise should be Sufficient.”