Exclusive: Whistleblowers say Veterans Choice used to slash budget deficit and care

Choice coordinator worked where ‘vets couldn’t get to her’

Closing neurosurgery: An intentional plan?

‘Some days were brutal’

“The goal of the reform was to make it easier for veterans to get speedy access to care, but doctors and nurses in the Cincinnati VA say the hospital’s leaders have used it as a budget-balancing tool. Instead of fast access, these whistleblowers say veterans are receiving the exact opposite.”

SOURCE: Scripps News Washington Bureau and WCPO will continue to report on conditions and factors in the Cincinnati VA and nationwide in the coming days and weeks. If you have a tip for us to investigate or if you’re a veteran who wants to share your experience seeking care at any VA hospital in the nation, drop us a line.




(SiuTan Wong contributed to this report)