Federal Appeals Court Decision opens door for Veterans to Sue VA for Failure to refer them to Veterans Choice Program for Medical Treatment

by Terry Richards

Q: What benefits does the VCP provide?

A: The VCP provides a safety net for Veterans who are on a VA waiting list because a health care appointment could not be provided to them within 30 days of their preferred date or the date that is medically determined by their physician or who live more than 40 miles from the closest VA medical facility. If you believe those circumstances apply to you, contact us at 1-866-606-8198 to verify that you are eligible for the VCP. Once we determine eligibility, we will help you through the process of obtaining an appointment for care.

Q: Can I select my own medical provider or can I only use certain providers recommended by VA?

A: When you contact us to verify your eligibility, we will work with you to find a provider within the community who accepts the terms and conditions of providing your care. Please know, there is no guarantee that the provider you prefer will accept the VCP. We will make every effort to work with the provider. Ultimately, however, if the provider won’t accept the VCP and you still choose to see that provider, you may be responsible for all costs associated with your care.

The Veterans Choice Program (VCP)

Click on to Link below to learn everything you need to know about who really Administrates the Veterans Choice Program. The VA will tell you it’s TRICARE, but it’s not… It’s TRIWEST Healthcare Alliance.


Time for all Veterans to start Suing the VA if they don’t get Medical Services…

Whether VA Doctors, VA Nurses, or other VA Staff  Fail to refer you for proper and necessary Medical Treatment with the VA or through the Veterans Choice Program within the Guidelines described in the TRIWEST link above, you may have a Cause of Action for a Federal Tort Claim against the VA for Damages including but not limited to Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering, Mental Anguish, PTSD.

Veteran Awarded $600,000 for VA’s Failure to Refer him for Medical Treatment