"Looks can be Deceiving"!!!

“Looks can be Deceiving”!!!

Veterans Home Threatens, Unlawfully Evicts Homeless Veterans

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA – Once again the Veterans Home of California West Los Angeles (CALVET Home) in under scrutiny. This time for threatening current Residents homeless Veterans, and actually Evicting homeless Veterans who were former Residents in their Transitional Housing Program without Legal Process subject to California formal eviction process (i.e., unlawful detainer). Civil Code §1940.

“All agreements for housing (where the occupant is not the owner), are subject to California formal eviction process (i.e., unlawful detainer). Civil Code §1940.”

“Removal of transitional housing occupant without legal process can subject provider to legal liability.”


Complaints received by current and former Residents-Participants in this Program over the last 12-months indicate that Administrative and Support Staff have subtly or overtly threatened and harassed these homeless Veterans with Discharge because they have protested conditions that Violate the General operation requirements for supportive housing and service centers “Supportive Services” Grant and Per Diem contract that this CALVET Home agreed to as a Recipient of Federal Funds for a Transitional Housing Program for Veterans, or because these homeless Veterans have asserted their rights as to why they should not be evicted such as incompletion of carrying out a Patient’s/ Participant’s treatment regimen, or because they have not yet found permanent housing for which they can get an extension beyond the 24-months stipulated time.

And for those whose Conduct was allegedly in Violation of the Grant and Per Diem Protocol, they were evicted without CALVET Home applying to the State Court for an expedited civil restraining order/injunction as required by California Health & Safety Code §50580 et. seq., which allows transitional housing program (THP) operators to use expedited civil restraining order/injunction process when participants engage in serious misconduct or abuse.

Supportive Services.


General operation requirements for supportive housing and service centers.


Participant fees for supportive housing.


§ 61.80 General operation requirements for supportive housing and service centers in pertinent part.

(d) A homeless veteran may remain in supportive housing for which assistance is provided under this part for a period no longer than 24 months, except that a veteran may stay longer, if permanent housing for the veteran has not been located or if the veteran requires additional time to prepare for independent living. However, at any given time, no more than one-half of the veterans at such supportive housing facility may have resided at the facility for periods longer than 24 months.

Veterans News Service Los Angeles has notified the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California about these Civil Rights Violations of homeless Veterans asking them to investigate this matter and to file a Class Action Lawsuit in State or Federal Court if they deem it proper.

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