Veterans groups oppose Choice program expansion

Source: Military Times

The nation’s largest veterans groups have lined up to oppose any expansion of the Veterans Affairs Choice program that would allow all veterans who are eligible for VA medical care to use it. Senator John McCain introduced a bill April 27 that would make the Choice program permanent and expand its eligibility to all veterans enrolled in VA care. The senator said the bill is needed to “tear down bureaucratic hurdles” that deny veterans timely access to quality health care.

The Veterans groups are saying that giving all veterans access to private health care paid for by VA “would have serious costs, trade-offs and consequences that could endanger or harm the provision of health care to veterans.”

Columnist Terry Richards’ Writer’s Notes: How can offering Veterans Private Health Care where employees are held accountable for their wrongful actions and can be disciplined and/or terminated for same, be worse than subjecting Veterans to the incompetence, criminal negligence, and malpractice of VA Physicians, Senior Managment, Supervisors, and some of their subordinates who have already have caused the wrongful deaths of hundreds of thousands of Veterans who were unlawfully waitlisted because they did not get medical treatment by the VA in time, or who were injured or died in surgery at the hands of incompetent and unqualified VA Surgeons or Residents???  

I thought the Veterans Organizations are supposed to be on the side of the Veterans??? But maybe all they are really concerned about is all the jobs and status that will be lost for their Veterans Organizations Representatives at the various VA Facilities if the Choice Program was made permanent, rather than caring about the quality of health care for Veterans???

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