West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Building 209 update

by Terry Richards

LOS ANGELES, CA – Over the last month, this Writer has received inquiries from homeless Veterans who are in the Domiciliary and other Transitional Housing Programs on the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Campus who were told Building 209 was no longer accepting any new Veterans for its Transitional Housing Program due to it being converted to Permanent Housing, even though they were advised at some point that this would be an alternative Program for them as a first step or for continued Transitional Housing.

After contacting the Public Affairs Office at this Campus with a set of questions, set forth below is their response.

Mr. Richards,

Thank you for contacting our office. We have provided a response to your questions below (in blue):

 1. Can you confirm or deny that building 209 is being converted from Transitional Housing to Permanent Housing? And when do you anticipate that this conversion will take place?

Yes. As noted in the Master Plan, VA’s intent is to transform the Greater Los Angeles Campus into a vibrant community where all Veterans can receive health care, benefits, employment and other supportive services, which they deserve and to which they are entitled. Once legislative authority and requirements have been met, Building 209 will be the first building converted to permanent housing.

 2. And if so, what will the qualifications of the Veterans have to be in order to be accepted?

The target population will be our most needy chronically homeless Veterans, many who are aging with medical complications that need the proximity to the medical center.

 3. And what percentage of their income, if they have any, will they be charged for this housing?

Depending on the Veteran’s circumstance, the income percentage can range between 0% and 30%.

 Please contact VHAGLAPublicAffairs@va.gov if you have further questions. Or you may call us at (310) 268-3340.

 Thank You,

 Office of Public Affairs

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System