Follow Terry Richards on his Quest to Survive Lung Cancer with Unconventional Treatments.

by Terry Richards

In June of 2016, after taking a CT Scan and Lung Biopsy, UCLA Doctors diagnosed me as having Stage 3B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and offered Chemo and Radiation Therapy as Treatment. However, I refused these Conventional Therapies because I saw what it did to my Mother who was also diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer in 1986. She had no quality of life for the 10-months she took Chemo and it also did not extend her life, as she died 10-months after her Oncologist told her she had only 10-months to live.

In July of 2016 after taking a PET Scan which revealed that the Lung Cancer metastasized into both Lungs and its Lymph Nodes, as well as my Chest, my UCLA Oncologist advised me that I had less than a year to live.

After extensive research, I found that the chances of curing Stage 3B Lung Cancer are very low with Chemo and Radiation Therapy. Additionally, even if it extends your life, you cannot have “quality of life” because of all the damage caused by the “side effects’ of Chemo and Radiation Therapy.

UCLA Doctors also told me that none of the new Immuno Therapies currently available which wake-up your Immune System to fight the Cancer could help me because I did not have the right Cancer Mutations or DNA Markers. Moreover, some of the new Immuno-Therapies you will read about in the Cancer stories I have posted whether they are “trial” or “proven” Therapies can also have some serious side-effects as well. This is when I decided to try Unconventional Therapies to slow-down the Cancer from growing, or spreading to other organs, or possibly even put it into remission.

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This is big – early evidence shows common antibiotics also kill cancer cells

Common FDA Approved Antibiotics like Azithromycin are more likely to extend your life by killing the infections associated and caused by Lung Cancer including exacerbating your COPD/Emphysema or put the Lung Cancer and other Cancers like Lymphoma into remission with virtually no side effects like Chemotherapy and/or Radiation Therapy. See story below.

“Following a suggestion from an eight-year-old, scientists have found that some of the world’s cheapest and most common antibiotics can eradicate cancer stem cells across multiple tumour types in the lab.” 

More Unconventional Cancer Survival Therapies

I will let you do your own research on most of the unconventional therapies for possible Cancer prevention and/or cures for Cancer listed below so you won’t feel you have been steered.

Bromelain from Fresh Pineapple is an Anti-inflammatory. May also cause cancer cell death. Buy Fresh Pineapple, cut it up and eat it or Juice it.

Sea Cucumber. They say it kills 95% of all cancers?


Fresh Garlic.

Fresh Carrot Juice from Juicer or eating fresh Carrots.

Cannabis Oil without THC. Drops are placed under the tongue.

Shitake Mushroom

Green Tea.

Honey as a Cough Suppressant.

Almonds, Pecans,Walnuts, Cashews.

Red Grapes.

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