Will Trump dump Press completely during his Presidency?

by Terry Richards

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution which requires that the President invite the Press to the White House for News Briefings, or for him to deliver the State of The Union Message before Congress on live TV, or for them to be able to Travel on Air Force One with him.

And As far as Air Force One is concerned he could say to the Press if you want to follow me, you will have to pay for your own transportation on an Airline, Train, Bus or Car to get to wherever I go?

As a Member of the Press, I would not feel in the least slighted at all if Trump delivered all his messages/briefings about what he was accomplishing on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Trump  TV. But then again I don’t need rating’s since I don’t sell any advertisement’s or make any money operating my Veterans Blog of Veterans News Service Los Angeles. In fact, virtually all the costs come out of my own pocket.

There is bright-side to Trump’s potential new method of briefings for Blog owners like me as well as the rest of the American People in that we don’t have to wait for the major TV, Radio, and printed News Media to release the information on what the President is doing. And as strict Constitutionalist, I don’t find anything legally wrong with it either.


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